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Unsure of which loft & bounce to choose?



When choosing loft on your wedges it is important that you get even length in the hits between the wedges. To get that the starting point is to get correct loft interval on the wedges. Start by making sure which loft your Pitch has. Example: Pitch = 46 °, then the wedges should have a following lofts: 50 °, 54 ° and 58 °.



Find the correct bounce for you. (High bounce = higher degrees). 

What fits best on you:


High-bounce wedges are best suited to players who dig at impact, taking deep divots, softer conditions (i.e. parkland courses) and bunkers with deep fine sand.

Wedges with minimal bounce will be better suited to players who sweep the ball, taking a shallower divot, firmer turf conditions (i.e. links courses) and heavy, coarse sand in bunkers or bunkers with little sand.


If both options suits on you - pick mid bounce. 




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