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Cobra Aerojet MAX Junior - Driver

Delivery time: 10-15 days.
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Delivery time: 10-15 days.
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Cobra Aerojet MAX Junior, Aerojet MAX is the most forgiving driver of the three. The MAX driver can be put in a draw-mode. Aerojet Junior is a special verison made for juniors - same technology but shorter shafts. Two moveable weights of 12g and 3g are placed in the rear and towards the heel. By putting the heavy 12g weight in the heel you will get a driver with draw-bias to help you create a draw or minimize your slice. By putting the 12g weight in the rear you will get an extremly forgiving driver. Across all three driver models, a seamless aerodynamic design is adapted to deliver faster clubhead speed for maximized distance as well as the back point of the driver are placed higher for increased speed and foregiveness.

Cobra Aerojet Series 2023

The AEROJET drivers ignite a new era in speed through advanced aerodynamic shaping. Boasting the lowest drag coefficient of any Cobra driver design. Aerojet is available in three different shapes - Aerojet LS, Aerojet and Aerojet MAX. All three shares the same technologies but all three fits different types of golfers.

The junior Aerojet MAX is available with two different shafts: 41" for juniors aged 10-11 and 43" for 12-14 year old juniors. This makes it possible for parents to invest in a really good driver without having the daughter or son growing it out in only one year.

Adjustable loft & lie via MyFly-hosel, 8 different settings including a draw-setting.

If you buy these Cobra clubs, you can order free Arccos sensors through a QR code on the clubs. You then get sensors for your entire set so that you can automatically collect data from all your shots on the court via the Arccos Caddie app and get lots of useful statistics about your strengths and weaknesses in the game.



A forged PWRSHELL face insert maximizes flexibility for faster ball speed and higher launch. A H.O.T Face design uses artificial intelligence to create a variable thickness pattern that delivers more efficient speed and spin across the face.

Carbon Crown and Shell

A carbon fiber crown and sole create a lighter and stronger chassis. Makes it possible for Cobra engineers to put the freed weight where it matters to gain speed and foregiveness.

PWR-Bridge Weighting

An innovative suspended bridge weight design enables unrestricted flexibility of the face and sole, and positions the CG low and forward to unleash faster ball speed.










Adjustable Loft

Adjustable Lie






Yes - Standard, 58.20°


10-11 years




Yes - Standard, 58.20°


12-14 years



*Swingweight is based on standard shaft, grip, length and lie. When making other choices of shaft, grip, length & lie, the swing weight may vary.

All manufacturers always try to build all clubs as close to standard swingweight as possible

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