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Evnroll ER5v MidLock

Delivery time: About 8-12 weeks at the moment
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Delivery time: About 8-12 weeks at the moment
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Evnroll putters feature an innovative and unique mill pattern engineered to deliver uniform performance across the entire hitting area of the putter face for enhanced accuracy and zero dispersion. With Sweet Face Technology, this precise face milling imparts progressively to provide more energy transfer on off-centre putts, this improves distance control to prevent you coming up short on off centre putts. This milling pattern also gears the ball back to the centre, so you hit the sweet spot of the putter for greater consistency.

"ER5v Midlock Hatchback Mallet – a winged mallet design with a “hatched out” center section"









CNC Milled in Carlsbad, California USA

Head Material – 303 stainless steel

Color – Silver satin finish with black paint fill

Head Weight by Length – 380g @ 41″, 380g @ 40″, 380g @ 39″

Loft Angle – 4 degrees

Lie Angle – 71 degrees

Stock Grip – Midlock XL

Length – Measured from center of leading edge to top of grip

Shaft – Black armour stepless shaft with .370” tip

Shafting – Straight shaft mounted into an overfit hosel

Toe Hang Spec:

Long Slant = 15 degrees of toe hang

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