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L.A.B - DF 3 (Stock Specs)

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Delivery time: 5-7 Weeks
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Delivery time: 5-7 Weeks
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All golfers have had those days when their putting stroke feels completely off. What they’re feeling is torque — the twisting of the putter head — and it’s the enemy of consistent putting. Lie Angle Balance (L.A.B.) is a patented technology we developed that simplifies putting. It eliminates torque from the design of a putter, giving all golfers the ability to consistently repeat their stroke — especially when the pressure is on. Whether you’re a great putter or a golfer who frets every 5-footer, our putters and grips will help you become a better putter. That means lower scores… and more bragging rights.

WHY LIE ANGLE BALANCE MATTERS The hallmark of great putting is returning the putter face to “square” at impact, or perpendicular to the target line. That’s not our opinion; it’s science. The latest research shows that 83% of a putt’s starting direction is influenced by the direction of the putter face at impact. The other 17% is influenced by the path of the putter head. Lie Angle Balance (L.A.B.) Technology makes it effortless for golfers to deliver a square putter face at impact because, unlike other putters, it keeps the putter face square to the arc throughout the stroke. It makes putting as easy as picking the right line, the right speed, and making your natural stroke. With no adjustments to make during the stroke, golfers can be confident that their putts will roll exactly where they’re aiming. With a L.A.B. Golf putter, golfers will quickly see that they’re better putters than they think.

IT’S OK TO SWITCH PUTTERS! Like most golfers, we like switching putters. It’s fun to get inspired by a new shape and sound. What we hate is having to adjust our stroke to a new putter. But L.A.B. Golf putters don’t have that issue.  Because all L.A.B. Golf putters are all Lie Angle Balanced, you won’t need to change your stroke when you switch to another L.A.B. Golf putter. Whether you’re using a DF 2.1, MEZZ.1, MEZZ.1 MAX, the torque profile will always be the same: ZERO. With other putters, making this kind of change is going to cause some problems because you’re going to have to adjust to a different torque profile. There’s a reason it’s hard to putt with a blade after putting with a mallet, and vice versa. This is true when you switch from a blade to another blade, or from a mallet to another mallet, too. Because the torque changes, your stroke has to change. 


L.A.B DF 3



L.A.B DF 3


L.A.B. took a chisel to the original Lie Angle Balanced putter to make DF3 smaller and sleeker while honoring the shape that started it all. Ever since L.A.B. launched their first putter, Directed Force, golfers have been asking if they could make it less weird. DF3 is that putter.DF3 still does everything golfers love about the original. It stays square by itself. It’s still irrationally forgiving on mishits. But there’s a lot less to think about.DF3 is 100% CNC Milled from 6061 aluminum. There are eight screws on the bottom that allow L.A.B. to offer a wide range of length and lie angle options.

Lie Angle Balance gives every golfer the ability to consistently repeat the putting stroke with far less effort than with other putters. And it does this by eliminating torque.  As a side note, MEZZ.1 and MEZZ.1 MAX also have Lie Angle Balance. MEZZ.1 and MEZZ.1 MAX look a lot like the most popular mallet putters. If forgiveness isn’t a leading concern or you prefer the enhanced feedback of a smaller putter, you might want to consider MEZZ.1 since it’s a lot smaller than DF 2.1 and about 20% smaller than MEZZ.1 MAX.







If you’ve ever tried to “forward press,” you know that you need to position your hands ahead of the ball for it to work — either at the address or at the moment of impact. It’s not an easy thing to learn or execute, but almost all the best golfers in the world do it because it helps them get their putts rolling faster and truer.  Think of forward pressing like “hitting up” with your driver. With a forward shaft lean, it’s easier to create an upward putter swing at impact that encourages a faster forward ball roll (i.e. reduced skidding, backspin, etc.).



Press Grips eliminate the need for golfers to consciously “forward press.” The forward lean of the putter shaft is established through the grip design, eliminating yet another variable in the putting stroke. We’re all about eliminating variables!



Press Grips achieve what we call an “ Integrated Forward Press” through their design. Unlike other putter grips, which generally see the shaft travel through the center of their axis, Press Grips are installed through the grip’s elliptical shape, which is off-axis by either 1.5 degrees, 2 degrees, or 3 degrees depending on the model. We recommend that golfers use 2-degee and 3-degree Press Grip models with our DF 2.1 putter. With our MEZZ.1 and MEZZ.1 MAX putters, golfers will be happy with either a 1.5-degree or 2-degree Press Grip for a neutral hand position, or a 3-degree Press Grip if they like a little more shaft lean.




Finish: Type-3 Anodized

Length: 28-38 inches (Standard), 36-40 inches (Counterbalance)

Loft: 3 degrees effective loft.


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