Motocaddy S1 Lithium DHC - Graphite

Delivery time: 4-7 days.
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Delivery time: 4-7 days.
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After a thorough Facelift for 2016, the New S1 DHC includes the following impressive improvements, soft ergonomic handle, low profile wheels, detachable wheels, streamlined battery shelf and the super quick folding system QUIKFOLD. Add to these improvements, nine speeds, battery indicator, silent engine, and back support that is compatible with the popular EASILOCK ™ system, so it's easy to understand why S1 is a top seller among electric cars. The S1 DHC model, in addition to all the features included in the NEW S1, also offers DHC (Down Hill Control) functionality, which means that the electric car maintains a steady and stable speed downhill, and an electronic P-brake.


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