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The Grip Master The Roo Sewn (Standard)

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The Grip Master’s flagship leather golf grip – The Grip Master has used the unique qualities of Kangaroo leather to make this premium line of kangaroo grips with sewn finishing. With superior softness and strength, the Kangaroo leather grip has a great feel and durability. Outperforming and outlasting any rubber/synthetic grip in the market today.

The Roo has been a hit on the Tour right from the start. As with all Grip Master swing grips, there is no real need to wear a golf glove, adding even more value to the purchase of The Grip Master grips.

This Kangaroo grip is ultra-lightweight and very strong authentic Kangaroo leather has been a hit on tour since we introduced it. It is the toughest and most durable of skins, with a very consistent grip retention. The Roo maintains its tacky feel for a very long time.



If you’re looking for a grip that will wear in and not wear out. A grip that will grip in all weather conditions, rain hail, and shine then you should get serious and play with the world’s finest handcrafted leather grips. The #1 Leather Grip is used on every major golfing tour worldwide. Nothing sticks like The Grip Master leather grips. While those that are made with man-made materials wear out and lose their grip, ours wear in and maintain traction. No need to change grips every few rounds like the tour players do with man-made materials.

In all weather conditions, The Grip Master grips offer traction second to none and maintain consistent traction. The secret behind this traction is our proprietary Protack, it is a system that was defined and refined based on Tour Player feedback. The Protack System is not a temporary surface coating. The Protack System is impregnated through the entire skin of the grip for the ultimate in golf grip traction and ultimately consistent performance.

We use only the highest-grade leather on all of our grips. We use leather because it outperforms man-made materials in every critical criterion. Torsional loading, stability, weight-strength ratio, dampening, consistent traction, leather breathes, and long-wearing. Our premium handmade leathers are the finest available and tanned by the world’s best tanners to our exacting standards.

We have mastered the art and science of selecting the right leather and turning it into a handmade high-performance golf grip that outperforms any other. Premium leather has a feel that cannot be duplicated with man-made materials. Touch promotes confidence, as it offers real feedback. Get in TOUCH with your best game, Play Leather!





Features & Benefits

- Handmade and sewn for unparalleled quality

- Manufactured from Premium Kangaroo Leather

- Infused Protack System for long-lasting tackiness

- Medium / Soft Touch

- High tackiness


Notes: These Kangaroo grips are treated with The Grip Master proprietary, plant-based tackifier which gives the grips their unique tacky feel. This is the main feature of this grip and the tackifier can not be removed.

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