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Unsecure if your clubs have Taper Tip or Parallel Tip?




What is Taper tip? Shafts that are Taper, fits heads that are taper and have a 0,355" tip diameter. That means, that each individual shaft, fits into each individual head. That means, a #6 shaft, fits perfectly in to #6 head. The taperd shafts are all different length. No timming needed in the tip, only trim shaft in the but.




What is Parallel tip? A shaft that is Parallel, means that the tipsection is paralell, often about 4" long tip. Each shaft need to be tiptrimmed to each club. With Paralell shafts, each shaft get trimmed to each head, according to the trim-guides, and recomendations each manufacturer provides. Parallel have 0.370" tip diameter.

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